“Archives of Father Krikor Guerguerian Opened for Access” (Istanbull – BIA NEWS DESK)

The documents Father Krikor Guerguerian collected for 50 years on the Armenian Exodus have been classified and opened for online access.

Armenian Father Krikor Guergerian’s archives have been classified and opened for access in a project headed by Prof. Taner Akçam at the Clark University in the US.
Guergerian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide himself, collected documents regarding the exodus from 1930s until 1988, when he died. According to the project team, the documents have not been examined to this day because they were not classified.
Guergerian was born in 1911 in Sivas in the Ottoman Empire and lived in Beirut, Rome, Jerusalem and New York. Focusing on the Armenian Exodus, Guerguerian researched archives of numerous countries and collected documents.